Grandma Always Knows Best


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Grandma and Grandpa Clemmons

There is a serious food fight going on right now.  A fast food fight.  The chains of greasy goodness are going at it for your burger bucks.  You already know breakfast is my all time favorite fast food meal and really I appreciate the new egg white options.  If all the folks would now take Jack in the Box’s lead and serve those delicious sandwiches all day long I’d be in heaven.  Egg white and cheesy goodness heaven.  There are some new updates since my last post.  Taco Bell now has, what I consider genius, a waffle breakfast taco.  I can’t seem to convince myself to try it.  I REALLY want to but I think that the dream of it’s wonderful deliciousness can never live up to the real thing and I don’t want to be let down.  *** Breaking breakfast news …. Del Taco has a breakfast taco!  What???!!!!  Breakfast tacos are the best.  It’s tiny and compact and just enough so that your stomach doesn’t want to eat itself in the morning but not too much that you feel like you have consumed your daily calorie intake before 8AM.  Total breakfast breakthrough.

The next big fight after breakfast is the late night crowd or, as I’m sure the marketers of these establishments call them, the “drunk stoner folks with disposable income.”  Now I’m rarely out and about after 10 PM and if I am I’m not really looking for a 4th meal (thank you Taco Bell for that) but if I was I have quite a lot of options.  Jack in the Box seems to really have that crowd researched and buttoned down.   Awhile back when I was walking the neighborhood looking for lost Miles dog everything was closed up and dead EXCEPT the local Jack in the Box.  That place was HOPPING!  Recently I saw a commercial for McDonald’s newest late night option.  They offer a bogo (buy one get one) on the Big Mac.

The Big Mac!  When is the last time you have had one of those????  I live in Los Angeles.  I’m surprised they still sell them here.  Seriously I don’t know the last time I saw someone chowing down on two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles onions, on a sesame seed bun.  The only person I know who LOVED Big Macs was my Grandma Clemmons.

My sister, Grandma, me and two of my cousins.

My sister, Grandma, me and two of my cousins.

My Grandma was a little woman who knew how to enjoy life!  She was the best and one thing that I remember is going to McDonalds with her and being in awe of her eating an entire Big Mac.  She loved those things!  She would also go to Marie Calendar’s and get a piece of pie  …. just cause!  It blew my mind!  You could go to Marie Calendar’s, sit down, and order a slice à la mode for no reason at all?  You sure could and if I was with my grandma it could even happen to me!!!

download (1)I remember going camping with my Grandma and having a blast.  She was the one who taught me the date shakes at Santa’s Village on the way to Santa Barbara are the best!  I camped with her at Carpinteria State Beach once.  Just her and me (other family members were there for a bit).  I remember looking at flowers with her and buying a t-shirt that said, “Should I be found anywhere else in the universe please return me to Carpinteria, CA for I’m highly respected and dearly loved in that city and they will gladly pay first class postage for me.”  It cracked me up.

download (2)I remember one holiday when I started choking on a hard candy and Grandma flung me upside down and smacked me on the back until I threw up the obstruction.  I was pretty shocked by that.  I wasn’t really sure what was happening.  I remember when my dad had a heart attack in Las Vegas and my sister and I stayed with my Grandma while my mom stayed with my dad in the hospital.  My aunt and cousins came down from Santa Barbara to hang with us.  We had a blast!  I still kinda feel bad about that … but I was with Grandma … I had a blast.

One of my favorite stories happened while driving home from my cousin’s house in Santa Cruz.  We stopped at Morro Bay for some salt water taffy.  My cousin and I were horrified as my grandma drove the wrong way on a big street.  She had gotten turned around and wasn’t too worried about it.  It seemed we had a lot of room and she had the whole thing handled.  My cousin and I ducked under the windows in horror of being seen with the crazy lady who just waved at everyone as they passed her honking.  When I got old enough I was the designated driver after that!

My sister, her husband, Grandma, my nephew, me, and my mom.

My sister, her husband, Grandma, my nephew, me, and my mom.

My Grandma’s house always had a container of M&Ms.  I’d take a handful and then eat them like you are supposed to.  Separating them all out by color and then eating them in a rainbow pattern (orange, yellow, green, light brown, dark brown — there was no red during these years and blue hadn’t arrived yet) until each color ran out.  She collected bells and they lived in a big glass case off the kitchen.  Each of us grandkids had our favorite.  Mine was the turtle.  They were numbered and cataloged but we were still allowed to take out the ones we liked and play with them.  When my Grandma passed away we were given a bell.  I have the turtle (along with a few others) in my china cabinet.

download (6)Thinking of Grandma I wanted one of those Big Macs really bad.  It just so happened that the next day I was out late.  I had gone to a friends artsy fartsy social gathering and it had gone long.  When I got in the car and looked at the clock I was ecstatic.  It was Big Mac bogo time!!!!!  I cruised through the drive thru and ordered up.  I took about 3 bites and wrapped up the rest of my haul and put it in the refrigerator.  Those Big  Macs were my breakfast for the next 3 mornings.  Cold … everything like that is better eaten cold.  Unlike my grandma I wasn’t going to finish one in a sitting.  I made that deal last!  In case you were wondering it was pretty good.  Grandma always knew best!

Stop Dog Racisim


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[Parts of the details of this story have been withheld to protect the innocent.]



One evening I was at a dinner party with my darling Riggins.  At the time he was young and spoiled (now he is old and spoiled) which meant he was better off sitting next to me while we ate dinner vs. forcing him outside where he would bark like a crazy person wanting to come in to be with his human friends.  Some would say that it is rude to allow your dog to watch you eat at the dinner table with non-dog people and even sneak him scraps while no one is looking.  I would even suggest those people are right … I would also suggest I don’t care.  So there I was sitting with Riggins at my side when the following conversation happened:

Woman:  What’s that dog’s name?

Wendy:  Riggins.

Woman:  Reagan?  Like after the president?

Wendy:  No Riggins.  He was actually named after a football player.

Woman:  Why?  Because he is a n… [insert n word]

Wendy: Actually Riggins was a white gentleman …. so no.

Women (in response to shock and awe at the table):  What?  The dog is a n….

Wendy:  True enough.



Riggins is a beautiful black with a white/black spotted chest and paws.  He was one of two (or three … I forget) black dogs in his litter.  His mom was a German Shorthair Pointer while his dad was a Samoyed so most of the pups where a white and or white/cream/brown color combination.  When I saw the pups there were only two of the them without homes.  I knew I wanted a male dog and that meant my only option was Riggins, the “giant black one” of the litter.  They had named him Gigantor.  I’m so lucky I Gigantor was the one left …. as he obviously was meant to belong to me!

I bring this up because there is a phenomenon among adoptable animals called “BDS” or “Black Dog Syndrome.”   Although I suppose I should be a good fake journalist and admit it is a debatable “syndrome,” if you talk to (and/or google information) shelter folks they will tell you black animals tend to stay in shelters much longer than their light-colored companions.  There are lots of suggestions on why this is but here are my thoughts:



* Good pictures of black dogs (this is true for cats and other adoptable animals so assume I mean all of them in the future when I say “dogs.”) are hard to get.  Ask any black dog mom/dad and she/he will show you a thousand photos of black blobs for that one good pic of their baby.  Many shelters are getting help (or hiring) from professional photographers to get great pictures of the adoptable pets to post online so hopefully this will help in the future.  In the meantime poorly lit kennels and black dogs equal crappy photos that don’t show the dogs loving personality.

* It’s sometimes hard to see a black dogs eyes.  I recently trained to volunteer in a local no-kill animal shelter and was VERY CAREFUL not to make eye contact with the dogs.  That’s how they get you.  You are just minding your own business and BAM their soulful eyes pull you in and tell you that they need you.  Next thing you know you have a new buddy in your life.  Unfortunately black dogs usually have a darker eye color which makes it hard to make that connection with them.



* Black dogs are mean.  Of course this isn’t true but it is what people think.  I told a story in a previous blog how, when on a hike, people were afraid of “the black dog.”  It happened this morning.  People were afraid of the black dog when it was the cute little cream-colored cocker spaniel mix that tried to eat a chihuahua whole.  Some folks think that it is because “bad” dogs in movies are often black in color.  I just think we associate the black dog color with aggression …. because we are stupid humans.

Many shelters will have a “black dog awareness month” or day or week and offer special adoption rates during that time.  Right now some of the Best Friend locations have their Back in Black special during the month of May.   If you are looking to adopt give the dark dudes and dudettes a shot.  I can guarantee they are love bugs!

Because I’m Happy!

The other night I was watching TV and a commercial for vacationing at San Diego caught my eye.  It made me look up from my multi-screen multitasking to sit in awe of the people featured.  They were having so much fun.  I could not, for the life of me, remember when I had that much fun.  The throw your feed up, dive in (literally into the water), giggle it up, don’t worry about the money or life consequences fun.  It was a real downer.  I’ve had to fight a lot of real downers lately.  I have my “stress rash” on my hand that I’m sure is caused by trying to look for a stable and loving (or at least likable) job.  There really is nothing more depressing than constantly putting yourself out there and no one even looking up to say “hey.”  It’s a real bummer.  I’m showing other signs of being sad.  For example, I would be really happy to sleep all day.  Seriously I could lie down right now and just zone out and sleep for a good 48 hours without any problem.  Some of this is due to the fact that I’m just tired but, let’s face it, that’s not really normal.  Plus guess what this weekend is?  Mother’s day.  That stupid holiday with it’s “in your face” celebration via Facebook is usually a killer for me.  Not that I don’t want to see the beautiful things your adorable kids have done for you on your special day … I want YOU to be happy but there is something about Facebook postings that is like a dagger with an extra twisty part stabbing into your heart.  Stupid depressing social media.

Time out for this video:

A friend sent it to me today.   Isn’t it great?  I think everyone should watch it.  That poor gazelle is trying so hard and thinks she is being helpful but she isn’t.  She’s the Facebook of animals.  If there is a Social Media gazelle then there has to be a social media bear right?  Guess what?  I found it!!!!

photo 3Now you know me.  I AM NOT a fluffy, soft, yoga, tree hugging type person.  I’m just not.  I’m a hard edged Atheist that relies on science, fact, and soap.  Yet I’m really liking this app.  After listening too the CEO’s TED talk (below for you to view too) it appears she turned to her dad’s science background for a logical explanation of how to be happy.  Sigh … I love logic.  I like it so much I want to share it with you.  The app (and company) is called “happier.”  One of my friends described it as a cross between Instagram and Twitter but focused on happiness.  I like that description.  Per their web site:

“Happier is a life appreciation platform.

We created Happier with one simple mission in mind: to help you be happier in your everyday life.

We’re inspired by scientific research … that shows there are simple things you can do to feel more positive, less stressed, and get more of what you want out of life. …

… We believe that life is made of moments — good, bad, fun, boring, challenging, routine, and many more. But you can choose to create and collect the happy ones. And we’re here to help you do just that!”

photo 1

One of today’s happy moments.

After downloading the app you add a short bio and then start sharing the things that make you “happy” during your normal day.  My first post was about my clean sheets.  My second was about my giant diet coke with lots of ice.  Little things in my day that I normally cruise by that, because I was thinking about it, I stopped to say to myself, “hey self … this makes you smile.”  You can follow people and if their happy moment makes you smile you can give them a smiley face (like the Happy thumbs up).  The app gives you little daily happy tips and when you post happy thoughts and/or make it to a happy “milestone” you get a fun confetti party on your phone.  Afraid you will forget to use it and be happy?  No worries you can set a happy alarm for up to 3 times a day to remind yourself to pause and reflect on what has given you a giggle.

According to that science the CEO studied, focusing on little moments during your day that make you happy actually helps you feel better overall AND helps you sleep better (not that I need help sleeping).  Makes sense to me!

Moment from someone I follow.

Moment from someone I follow.

When I got up this morning I decided I was going to FINALLY go to Sizzler for lunch.  I haven’t been to Sizzler in over 20 years.  There is one by my house and every time I pass it I think, “I want that salad bar.”  I was planning to make it one of my “happy” moments of my day.  By the time I got to the restaurant I had already posted 3 happy moments on the app and didn’t have to add that one.  I didn’t want to overwhelm my followers with the freakishly good day I was having.  Man that salad bar was delish.  I ate my weight in salad.  THEN I got my car washed and I realized THAT makes me happy too!!!!  I’M THE FRICKIN’ HAPPIEST PERSON YOU KNOW … WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT?????

Apparently I need just need a little guidance and a nudge now and then to remember all the things that happen daily in my life that make me smile, giggle, and genuinely make me happy.   Download the app … imagine how happy you really are … you don’t even know!

(Happier also is a platform to purchase the company’s courses like yoga and mediation …. I haven’t done that but I’m sure they would be happy if you did.)

Happier’s CEO Nataly  Kogan TED talk from last year.  Well worth 15 minutes of your day:

Cute Things in Tiny Packages


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I’ve always been a fan of bigger dogs.  They are the best to cuddle with.  It’s so easy to lean in, wrap your arms around, and bury your head in the fur of a big pup.  Riggins is the perfect size.  When he cuddles up in bed with me I can throw my arm around him and snuggle up next to him.  I tend to get a lot of big dogs coming to my house for dog sitting.  On the DogVacay site, that I use, some hosts will only accommodate small dogs and often a big dog owner will look for someone who has a big dog too.  Their thinking is a big dog person already knows how to take care of their beast.  I tend to think big dogs are easier to take care of than small dogs but most people don’t agree with me.

Lately I’ve had a number of small dogs come through my door and into my heart.  Let me tell you about just a few:

download (3)CREATURE – Creature is acorgi/spaniel mix.  At four years old she has a ton of energy and is full of smiles and happiness.  Let me tell you the two big negatives ofcorgis (andcorgi mixes) that you have to get over if you fall in love with one.  First of all they shed like amo’fo’.  Secondly their little legs actually make it difficult to walk them with a leash attached to the collar.  The leash is constantly getting tangled up in their little legs and you have to work hard at keeping the leash up over their

The Monroe

The Monroe

head in the correct walking position.  It’s kinda a pain in the bum.   You need to get a walking harness if you want to make it easy to train them to walk on leash well.  Creature is so darn cute those things don’t matter.  The best thing about Creature?  She squeaks.  She is like a squeaky stuffed toy and whenever she is happy or excited she squeaks her head off.  That means whenever I come through the door, or take her for a walk, or suggest we go to bed, or suggest she comes give me a hug she goes into a hilarious squeak fit.  She also is the best poser and has what I call the “Marilyn Monroe” pose.  When I want to take a picture of her I tell her to “Strike a Monroe” and she sits down with her head turned up and to the side.  Hilarious!

download (4)LESTER – Lester is apuggle.  That’s a pug beagle mix.  He is a little ball of awesomeness.  I’m not usually a fan of pug or pug mixes.  No offense to the breed but it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle.  Any short snout type dog isn’t usually a great hiker which means not a great companion for me.  I would never dare say such a thing to Lester.  First of all it would destroy his feelings.  That is what it seems like.  He is like a living super happy Eeyore who, with one negative comment from the human he loves, will be sent back under that sad little rain cloud.   You just don’t want to ever disappoint that



face!  Lester is the best cuddler.  He is also one of those dogs who HAS to be under the covers with you.  This can be annoying but not when it is Lester.  It’s very comforting to have his little warm fuzzy body up against your legs while you sleep.  He is also the king of pictures and every single time I snapped my camera and then took a look I laughed out loud.  His face … adorbs!

downloadDAMSEL – Damsel is a schnoodle.  That is a schnauzer and a poodle mix.   She is also Dragon‘s new sister.  Now you know I adore Dragon so Damsel had a lot to live up to.  Her dad told me she was younger and, although old enough to be house trained, was having problems and overall was taking a bit to settle into her new family life.  I was expecting the worse.  I drove over to their house to pick them up (their folks had already headed off on their vacation) and opened the door to nonstop barking from Damsel.  Since she is still in training she was in her crate while Dragon came to the door to meet me with some happy kisses.  I looked over at the crate and gasped.  Loud.  Dragon is sofriggin’ adorable I had expected a similar looking dog.  The mug looking at me from behind the bars was the kind of face only a mother could love.  I

My shadow.

My shadow.

was not sold on this kid at the moment.  I got her on leash and took her home.  By the time we got to my house I was converted into a Damsel lover.  First of all she decided she loved me which is always a plus.  Damsel had to be with me constantly.  I actually had to finally figure out a way to secure her to the car seat because she didn’t want to be there.  She wanted to be in my lap ALWAYS.  Typing at my computer … in my lap.  Watching tv … in my lap.  Sleeping … as close to my lap as possible.   She also quickly proved to be a pro off leash hiker just like her brother and her ability to leap like a bunny got me some great action shots!  There is nothing funnier than a dog that leaps like a bunny.

Of course there have been a ton of others.  Chloe, Sadie, Hank, Maisie, Fredo, Dot, and on and on.  If I keep writing this blog would go on forever.  Every time a little dog wiggles his/her way into my heart I think I love little dogs the best.  Then I give Riggins a hug and get snapped back to big dog reality!

It’s Miss Newell If You’re Nasty


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I just finished cleaning the bathroom and I’m high on bleach cleaner.  It seems like the perfect time to type up a feminist blog post.

Quick change of subject — What is it about dog hairs that attract them to the toilet seat?  Do you realize how many dog hairs are on my toilet?  It’s disgusting.  Now they are just wet hair since there is no way to actually get them off once they are on.  They have been cleaned with foaming bleach cleaner so it’s all good.

Back to feminism – I consider myself a feminist but not an overly annoying one.  I consider women equal to men and support women’s rights and equal pay so if that makes me overly annoying, so be it.  One thing that really gets my lacy panties in a wad though is the Miss/Mrs. thing.  As it turns out both are abbreviations for the word “Mistress.”  Not the bad kind of Mistress but the feminine of Master.  Okay … the other bad kind of Mistress.  Actually all women were “Mrs.” until the 17th century.  It was then that the silly separation of Mrs. and Miss started.  Notice something?  There was no silly separation for men. No Mr. and Mrrr.  Why is that?  Hmmmmmm?????  Why is it important that there is a label that tells you if a woman is married or not but for a man we take on a “don’t worry be happy” attitude?  Isn’t that a form of sexism?  I’ll answer that for you.  Yes.  Yes it is.  We even teach it to our tiny little children in school on their first day … “Mrs. Smith and Miss Black welcome you to kindergarten.”  Screw that.

Hey ladies don’t you worry your pretty little heads because society has an answer for you … Ms.  Ms translates into “bitter single women.”  Don’t shake your head at me you know it is true.  Anytime you see someone  use “Ms.” you think “not married and pissed about it.”  I blame you society for not taking a stand years ago about this.

Don’t worry.  We can fix it now!  We can turn that Ms. assumption on its head and take back Ms.  Let’s ALL use Ms.  Married women, single women, young and old, pre and post op, and drag alike.  We are all Ms.  Ms. and proud!

Or you can just call me Mistress Wendy.  That works too.


Reporting Live from the Surface of the Sun


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You know in The Big C where Laura Linney’s character goes a little wack-a-doodle and starts digging a pool in her backyard?  I predict that will be me before the end of summer 2014 ends.  I don’t do well in super heat.  Riggins does not do well in super heat.  Based on all the evidence our summer in Los Angeles is going to be SUPER  HOT.  At some point I’m going to lose my mind to dehydration, grab a shovel, head to the back yard, and start digging.  Then I’m going to grab the hose and just let it fill up into a muddy wonderful mess so the dogs and I can splash around like cool little piggies.  To you it sounds like a mess.  It’s 91 degrees right now here.  To me it sounds like heaven.

Bear, Huxley & Jax seek shade on Runyon

Bear, Huxley & Jax seek shade on Runyon

91 DEGREES …. END OF APRIL …. 91 DEGREES.  For the next few days Los Angeles will be threatening record-breaking temperatures.  I’m not okay with that.  I live at the base of the LA Mountains.  A nice little piece of desert I like to call my own (well it’s someone else’s and I give them money to live on it).  The sun is drawn to this area and beats down on it with the power of … well … the sun.  Anything left out too long like awnings and lawn chairs are sun washed and faded.  80% of the neighborhood relies on succulents and cactus as their main garden features.  Even the “breeze” is bullshit as it is really just a hot gust of wind we call the “Santa Anas.”  All in all it is a hot mess.  Literally.

Pekka hits the pool.

Pekka hits the pool.

Riggins is a black dog and almost 9 years old.  Those two things make him extra sensitive to heat, although most dogs can get heat exhaustion/stroke very fast.  It is something I have to be very careful of especially when hiking with the dogs.  Frankly I’d rather go out with the pups in the rain vs. high temperatures.  On hot days I eat enough flying bugs to hit my protein quota for the day.  When it gets as hot as it is now and will be for most of this week, our options of where we can go are very limited.  There aren’t a lot of hikes that offer shade or enough shade.  I also have to worry about the trail getting too hot for their sensitive paws and being able to hike with enough water.  Finally, although just as important, if it is a “red flag warning” day I need to be aware of not getting myself into a position where a brush fire could cause us issues.  It’s a real concern as any moment now the hills around me could go up in flames with a snap of my fingers (or some assholes cigarette thrown out the window — I saw a guy driving around Griffith Park recently throw a lit cigarette out the window.

Fredo is the king of chilax hiking!

Fredo is the king of chilax hiking!

STUPID STUPID STUPID.  Don’t do that.  That is a really bad move and could cause mass destruction and death given the right circumstances.  The hills are crazy dry right now.  One little spark and … poof!).  All in all it’s a pain in my butt.

Better for all of us to just stay inside and chillax (as my sister would say).   If you need us we will all be lying on the bed on top of the contents of the ice trays I will dump there.

Stay chill … or at least try.



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I’ve mentioned before my extreme love for VOD.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread I tell ya!  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try to influence you to give this “on demand” thing a shot and now I have the perfect reason.  Remember when my friend Leslie did a guest post on the movie she co-produced, Favor?  No?  Well then you should probably go read it before continuing on (click here).  Now that you are up to speed we can continue.

Favor has done very well on the festival circuit but that audience is limited to those who … well … go to festivals.  Let’s face it that’s probably not you (and me).  Team Favor has worked very hard to make it so their movie is available to the masses (aka you and me).  According to the picture I stole from Favor‘s Facebook page it is now available on every VOD platform that exists.  Most folks tend to flock toward iTunes.  Favor is doing very well there and even I, in my odd anti-iTunes ways, could easily find it on the TOP MOVIE CHARTS.  That’s right.  My friend’s movie is right there at #48 (as of right this minute) tucked nice and cozy between Labor Day and Bad Country.  It’s my understanding it is much higher in the genre specific charts but I didn’t look.  I trust the Favor folks and didn’t feel the need to verify it.

For my VOD viewing I almost exclusively use Time Warner Cable.  Mostly because it is available on my TV.  All the VOD (or almost all) have the ability to stream to your TV but require a box or stick or subscription or whatever.  TWC is my cable provider so is already on my TV ready to take advantage of my need for instant gratification.   Luckily for me Favor is available there.  Along with TONS OF TV SHOWS AND OTHER MOVIES.  It’s were I watch the shows that don’t make the DVD list for space reasons.  All those Discovery, Syfy, and USA shows.  It’s so wonderful.  Not to mention they have every children’s show known to man.  When my niece and nephew come over I don’t have to worry about what is available for them.  I turn on the on demand and we are good to go!  Any TV shows that you normally get with your cable subscription are free on demand.  Most movies and special events have a charge that goes directly on your next cable bill.

FavorMy second favorite place to watch shows on demand is Amazon.  Many people don’t know that you can stream movies/tv shows from Amazon.  Well you can!  They even have Amazon Fire TV which allows you to stream directly to your TV (they also have a brilliant ad campaign using Gary Busey that makes me giggle every single time I see it).  If you are a prime member many shows are free.  That’s right … FREE!  It’s how I got caught up on Downton Abbey.  Something I highly suggest you do as well.  Amazon recently made trade news by inking an exclusive deal with HBO.  Now I’m assuming those shows aren’t free but starting May 21st HBO owned content will be available through Amazon Instant Video!

Now that I’ve plugged my friends movie, which you should definitely see, while embracing one of the on demand options available at your fingertips, I want to point something out to advertisers.  If I was an advertiser there are two places I would put a chunk of my money:

1. TV On Demand – On demand has already focused your audience to folks that REALLY want to be watching a specific show.  Unlike DVD’d TV most “on demand” network options through cable providers don’t allow fast forwarding.  Personally as a viewer this kinda pisses me off but it is the ONLY time I watch commercial breaks all the way through.  Just be careful when placing ads in on demand as you need to be aware that these shows can be watched at any time so any spot that is time sensitive doesn’t work well there.  Also showing the same ad over and over each break makes a viewer want to hit you not purchase your product.

2. Podcast Live Reads – There are a few very highly rated podcasts that are well worth advertising on.  Once again you can do a good job of targeting a very engaged consumer.  You are also asking someone who they adore or look up to, to be part of your ad.  Many podcasters (or ex-radio folks) are very good at live reads.  If they are let them do it.  They know how to speak to their audience and if their audience is loyal they will do what they are told.  I don’t like Howard Stern but I’ll give him this much … he was king of the live read.  Move your radio dollars to podcasts.  That’s where you will find the new Howard Stern like audience.

Ok enough of my preaching … get to watching Favor!

Oh What a Day


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Man have I had a day.  It started out with minimal sleep.  Dragon (the schnauzer) threw up in my bed night before last and I was too tired last night to fully re-make everything.  I did get most of it together but skipped the duvet cover.  It’s just a pain in the bum to get that duvet cover put back together.  As you can imagine my bed is often a battle ground where you take whatever covers you can get.  I didn’t think one little duvet would make much difference but it did.  Somehow Dragon and Bongo (Vizsla) managed to plop themselves down in such a way that it was nearly impossible for me to negotiate covers.   I also had a lot on my mind so it was a restless night.

I had to get up early, but for a good reason!  Riggins adorable photographer, Lori Fusaro, was having a video piece done on her by the AP and had asked my friend and me to be a part of the project.  Riggins and I got all dressed up to have our pictures taken and be interviewed about how much we adore Lori.  Riggins good friend Sadie (long-haired dachshund mix) and her mom Missy (my friend) came over in the morning and we were on our way.  It was a guaranteed fun time!  I’ve written about Lori before and tried to retell my story to the journalist on why I originally reached out to Lori without sounding crazy.  I think I sounded crazy.  Oh well.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

Nijo & Mckenzie - Mar 2014

Nijo & Mckenzie – Mar 2014

Riggins had a blast running around getting treats from his buddy Lori, posing like a champ, showing his friend Sadie how great it is to be off leash, and scouting out every left over food item from the Easter picnics that happened in the park the day before.  Missy and I were super happy to be part of the story about Lori.  She has captured such great memories for me of my Riggins/Wendy family!  Not to mention she is a really swell gal!  (You can read more about her here, and here)

Nijo - April 2014

Nijo – April 2014

I got home to a whirlwind of activity.  Bongo was going home, I had a meet and greet with a dog and her mommy and I had Nijo (golden retriever) coming to be dropped of for an 8 day vacation.  I’ve watched Nijo a couple of times most recently last Monday.  His mommy was hosting a Passover dinner and was worried Nijo would eat all the food out from under her guests.  He would have!  So Nijo came and spent the night with Riggins and me.  Today when Nijo’s mom got here I met her in the driveway and she said Nijo was too hot to move.  I saw that something was definitely wrong.  I got him out of the car and we put cool water on his paws and tummy.  He was able to get up and start walking to my back door but then collapsed.  It was time to take him to the emergency vet.  As fast as I could I got all the dogs in the house settled, grabbed my shoes, and hoisted Nijo into my car.  His mom sat in the back as I drove them to the emergency room.  The vet techs came out to carry him on a stretcher into the clinic.  That’s the last time I saw Nijo.  He passed away about a 1/2 hour later.  The vet immediately gave him fluids but while trying to take an EKG watched his heart stop multiple times.  They tried doggie CPR but poor Nijo’s body just couldn’t take anymore.

Nijo - Jan 2014

Nijo – Jan 2014

Nijo was a cancer survivor.   A month or so ago he came to visit and had just had his 1 year cancer free check up.  Everyone was very happy for him.  I teased him that he took more pills than I did, which is quite an accomplishment!   Nijo was about 11 years old but wanted more than anything to be active.  I took him on short walk/hikes that he loved!  He always wanted to go for longer than I was willing to chance with him.  Like all my other Goldens he loved chilling out on the kitchen floor where it is cooler and that was where he napped and sometimes even slept.  He was a sloppy eater but would eat anything and everything and an even sloppier

Sweet Nijo

Sweet Nijo

drinker.  I would have to remove the little mat I have under the dogs water bowl when he was with me and replace it with a giant towel that had to be switched out daily.  Like all my dogs I loved Nijo and I’m very shocked and sad that he is gone.

Nijo was a super loved boy and I know his family will miss him but were lucky to have such a sweetie with them for the time that they did.

Just Me


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photo 3 (27)Has this ever happened to you …

You are going to the bathroom and then all of a sudden have a wave of nausea come over you that is so strong it includes sharp stabbing pains to your abdomen forcing you to have to lie down.  Right now.  Of course the perfect spot would be on the cool bathroom floor but you can’t flop down there because a giant golden retriever is taking up the majority of the floor while the rest is inhabited by two little dogs who make it their job to hold guard over your ankles whenever you sit down to poo.

photo 2 (36)So you crawl a few feet and lie down in the hall only to realize that you shouldn’t have procrastinated cleaning the carpet the past two weeks because it smells like dog ass.  The stench is really only making your nausea worse and  making it hard to think about anything but cleaning the carpet so you army crawl to the bedroom and managed to lie down on the bed face down.

Deciding dehydration is part of your problem you managed to get the inner strength to stumble to the fridge for some coconut water before going back to the bathroom to lie on the floor.  The little dogs had followed you into the bedroom leaving premium floor space free.  Of course since you didn’t clean the carpet what made you think you cleaned the bathroom floor?  Too gross to even attempt you head back to the bed only to realize it is now being utilized by 3 dogs.  Since you don’t have the strength to move anyone you lie backwards on the bed with photo 1 (35)you legs over your own dog in the hopes he will understand you have no choice at this moment.

As  you lie there moaning all you can think of is all the work you need to be doing right that second not to mention the now even more urgent need to clean all the floors in the house.   Finally  you feel stable enough to hit the bathroom and take a shower only to emerge a new person.

No?  No one?  Just me?  This morning experience was all mine?

photo 4 (19)P.S.  I’m fine.  I think it was a lack of sleep (I don’t sleep well the first night with new dogs.  I’m always afraid they are going to die in their sleep.), dehydration (although I didn’t do a long hike this morning, I did have to carry the fat chihuahua part of the way),  and eating too much at lunch (I was hungry).  I suppose if I am truthful though I really just needed to poop.

Pictures are of the dogs on their hike this morning.  Notice the smile on the fat chihuahua’s face while I’m carrying him.  He is pleased as punch with himself.